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The Rules are subject to change at any time.

Please post intelligent, legible messages.
- Post in English to the best of your ability. Please do not excessively use; over-sized text, distracting colours or emoticons.

Multiple login accounts are not allowed.

1. Do not post or request Child Pornography,
- No Child Nudity, or any other illegal or questionable content.
- Do not post or request images of models under 5 years of age.
- Do not post any child abuse photos.
- Do not post any lewd or sexualized comments.
- Do not post guro or BDSM.
- Do not post or discuss any information about illegal activities of models, photographers, etc.

2. Do Not use shortened link nomenclature
- The link Must show the full http:// path name, Not hxxp:// etc.
- Do not use link Protectors.
- Every link must be enclosed with a Spoiler, - The "?" Feature in the post box bar.

3. Use only multi-host sites or a free/non moneymaking site for your uploads

- Use MultiHotShare or other multi-host site. Use at least 2 mirrors. Do not use moneymaking host mirrors only.

- Or, use a single free host such as Krakenfiles or Bayfiles

- Links to files should not be larger than 500Mb. ie split larger files into parts.

- Link protection hosts are not allowed, e.g., lix.in etc.
- Images/Videos should where possible not contain any link other than to the original website.
- Use an allowed image host. Do not hotlink an image from any other site.

- DO NOT use single links to money making file or image hosts e.g. depositfiles, filefactory, uploaded, rapidgator, nitroflare, multiupload, imagetwist, imgchili, imgspice, imageporter etc. It will result in a permanent ban.

*pimpandhost image hoster is banned as of January 2020

- There are exceptions only for trusted and V.I.P. members.

- Special amendment:

- Full or Premium Members may, if they choose, use any single money making host in the Nudes Forums. - Beautiful Sexy Women, etc.

4a. Put posts in their proper Forums.
- Every link must have a clickable preview.
- No Fetish Topics, Topics should be about models, not fetishes.
- Do not post more than 6 images in 1 horizontal row.
- Do not post a vertical column of more than 5 images.
- That means a limit of 25 images per post. Otherwise use a .rar/.zip link in an archive/folder.
- Only one large preview image is permitted - at the start of a Topic.

4b. 18-Teens Forum.
- No porn in 18-Teens.

5. Keep all related posts in the same topic.
- Do not create a new topic for a single set when the studio/agency already has a generic topic. If further sets appear a Mod can move them to a Model Topic on request.
- Do not post or request alternatives for existing working links. - If a host does not work in your country, use a proxy.
- Do not ask why Topics or posts are removed or not approved.

6. No advertising, spam, trolling or flooding.
- Opinions; you have the right to like or not like a Forum/Topic/Post/Model etc., but we do not need to know, Negative Comments will be considered as Spam or Trolling.

7. Do not post or request a link to any other boards, forums, chats, blogs, social sites or e-mail addresses, etc.
- Only linking to the artist's original site is permitted.
- posts must not contain any information or additions, to advertise other sites, or that lead to money making links, like text files or clickable URL's.
- Do not request or post any personal information, like real names, occupations, e-mail addresses, facebook links, etc.
- Do not discuss ages of models.
- Do not post candid images of non-models.
- Candid images must not contain any personal information in the image or the accompanying text.
- Do not place external links in your signature line or profile.

8. No requests for new or unknown models outside of /r/.
- Use the correct Request Topic.
- Requests for Link Replacements go in the Link Replacement Requests Topics for each Forum

9. Do Not Re-Post Content From This Forum.
- The restricted access Forums are only visible to members with access. Do not re-post any new or replaced content.
- If we think you re-post content you will receive a minimum one month ban. If you use a Money Making Host you will be perma-banned.

10. Torrent Links
- Links to Torrent files can only be posted by VIP and members
- the link must include a preview.

11. Discussion Forum.
- Site questions and suggestions
- Program and technology questions.
- It is NOT random /b/, keep it relevant

12. Check the Rules Regularly
- The Rules can be modified or added to at any time.
- If in doubt about a Topic or a Post do not assume, ask in the "Is This Model OK To Post" FAQ

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Clarification of the Rules

  1. Do not post or request any kind of nudity (even from behind) in NN Girls and Boys forums.

  2. Do not flame or reply to any kind of flame war.

  3. Be gentle and respect all individuals (especially administration  wink) on the board at all times.

  4. Linking to any 3rd party site, youtube or other video hosting site, photography stock site, personal site, blog or similar resource is only allowed to trusted and V.I.P. members and only after approval from Administrator.

  5. Post re-up requests in a proper link replacement request topic only.

  6. Сonsider that everything that is not mentioned in the Rules is forbidden. You can ask about it in a proper topic.

The owners, administrators, and moderators reserve the right to delete, edit, move or close any Topic or post at any time for any reason. Furthermore, administration reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone who we feel will be disruptive or detrimental to our forums.

Membership here is a privilege and not an obligation on our part.

The Rules are expected to be followed at all times. If you're caught breaking the Rules, you could be banned and even your IP banned from the site.

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