Topic: Girl and boy photosets

Does anybody know, what is her name?
http://s9.postimage.org/bgzl4k7bv/20030717_022.jpg http://s8.postimage.org/x0bvwerrl/20030717_033.jpg http://s9.postimage.org/6nftzpau3/20030717_056.jpg
May be anybody could post some sets of this kind?


Re: Girl and boy photosets

May be anybody could post some sets of this kind?

did u found more?


Re: Girl and boy photosets

Her name is Annette, from Pamperfun (Pampersfun?), which changed it's name to Dartsy later (I think, I'm a bit sketchy on the details). She's the girl in my avatar right now wink

Sets seem to be very hard to come by. I've only found two (conveniently located at  - http://forum.onlyhot.net/topic2867-dart … odels.html ), as long as they are still live...

I was going to request her myself, but as Pampersfun was a fetish site focused on diapers, I'm not sure if it's appropriate. (Rule 4a?, need to ask Orion)

My information could be way off - discovering info on sites years after they have gone offline is always spotty. If nothing else, a name and site info is a jumping off point.

Anybody have any more info, since this has been bumped back up?