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Topic: Replacing Posts of Inactive Members BSW

This topic's purpose is to coordinate the revival of dead posts and topics whose original authors do not participate anymore.

If you are requesting the replacement of an inactive member's sets/vids, please do so here

Please learn and follow the guidelines about replacing posts of inactive members!

The current list of inactive members is here

IMPORTANT: Before you replace anything, however, please announce in this thread:
1. which sets/vids you will be replacing (include the links to the posts being replaced);
2. when you have finished replacing them.


Re: Replacing Posts of Inactive Members BSW

bronzdr13 wrote:

I start a new post reposting some sets from old Met-Art
Sorry for my mistake, but i have some more sets to post and want to know if is better continue the new post or indicate my links to replace the dead ones in the inactive post.

Hi bronzdr13, thanks for your effort to revive the "olden days" smile

It is not the way we usual work with replacements, just so you know.

However, given the vastness of the MET catalog and the fact that most posters in the old topic are inactive, it's maybe better to continue in your new topic to prevent that it becomes an even bigger puzzle.
So, by exception, please continue in your new topic.

We will keep the old topic up though, for reference (and history).
It would be nice if you could cross-reference and mention in your posts what was already posted before and what not (if possible).

Thanks to all Photographers, the OP's, Mother Nature and Father Time !

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