Topic: Hentai Game: Parasite In City

50 MB

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You control a beautiful busty blonde. She wakes up and realizes that she's in a sewer. As she is venturing away, she is surrounded by zombie homeless men, zombie women, giant bees, fat zombie men, and more! She's armed with a 9 mm gun and a deadly kick. Can she get out of harm's way without the monsters having their way with her? Only YOU can answer that!

In C:Users/Username/AppData/Local/parasite_in_city you can change the ".sav" config file from stage=0.000000 to 3.0000000 and that will unlock all stages + infinite ammo. If you don't got that folder file you need to load up the game once get past area with the 2 box`s once you see zombies you can exit out and edit the file.