Topic: Boys in waiting

These are pictures of boys that work as dancers in nightclubs. They are all over 18 years of age. Funny thing is the law is vague, the waiters can be 16 but can not dress the same as the dancers. Enjoy. The numbers on the boys are so you can give them tips. The boys in very short white shorts with the numbers are "table dancers". They will dance for you at your own table.t with you also

http://s11.postimage.org/6036y9yb3/IMG_04311.jpg http://s7.postimage.org/crd93xc07/JMG_853.jpg http://s10.postimage.org/tsxldhazp/JMG_857.jpg

http://s9.postimage.org/k55p3e1u3/SAM_1511.jpg http://s7.postimage.org/fcsh2ax3b/P4080541.jpg http://s10.postimage.org/3okvi3lr9/snow10071.jpg