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This is Gugma Aileen.She have 20 sets.
1st serie set 1 to 5 in one link.

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2nd serie to n°6 to 11.

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3rd serie n°12 to 17.


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The final serie n°18 to 20.


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New model called Sandra.In Gugma have 2 models with the same name H or K.
In this series have one set (incomplet) and little preview.


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Re: Gugma.de

New links added.

Barbara wrote:

All links are removed.

Zippyshare is a mandatory host, you must choose it.

Try again and send edit requests, also for Aileen sets.

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Re: Gugma.de

The second model called Sandra is present in this series.
Sets presents differents pics according to the place where was photographed sandra,because sets are incomplet.
She's present for the site before Gugma called teentopmodel.de.


If you have more.....POST

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I am looking for Daniela @ Gugma since a long time...


Maybe someone can help? big_smile

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pics for teentopmodel.de (before gugma).

https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/58/0d/be/ME15G4SI_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/6f/16/fb/ME15G4SJ_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/c0/e4/62/ME15G4SK_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/ae/e8/f9/ME15G4SL_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/b0/55/09/ME15G4SM_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/16/f9/ee/ME15G4SN_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/e0/e4/97/ME15G4SO_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/f6/7d/9e/ME15G4SP_t.jpg