Re: y160 Ira

y160_097_unmarked-090424-94p (94 pics) (55.76 MB)

http://img105.imagevenue.com/loc583/th_386848731_y160_097_unmarked_DSCF0001_122_583lo.JPG    http://img208.imagevenue.com/loc160/th_386849850_y160_097_unmarked_DSCF0054_122_160lo.JPG    http://img296.imagevenue.com/loc259/th_386851987_y160_097_unmarked_DSCF0081_122_259lo.JPG

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Re: y160 Ira

y160_098_unmarked-090430a-98p (82 pics) (48.08 MB)

http://img184.imagevenue.com/loc740/th_386852625_y160_098_unmarked_DSCF0001_122_740lo.JPG    http://img296.imagevenue.com/loc223/th_386853716_y160_098_unmarked_DSCF0041_122_223lo.JPG    http://img105.imagevenue.com/loc549/th_386854423_y160_098_unmarked_DSCF0081_122_549lo.JPG

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Re: y160 Ira

y160_099_unmarked-090430b-94p (77 pics) (45.01 MB)

http://img196.imagevenue.com/loc373/th_386856136_y160_099_unmarked_DSCF0001_122_373lo.JPG    http://img196.imagevenue.com/loc513/th_386857159_y160_099_unmarked_DSCF0044_122_513lo.JPG    http://img25.imagevenue.com/loc159/th_038685895_y160_099_unmarked_DSCF0076_122_159lo.JPG

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Re: y160 Ira


Request and Addon..

Does anyone have the Set corresponding to these 4 Samples in his y160-Collection ? :

https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016536_ira-n61-set-83_1.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016541_ira-n61-set-83_2.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016542_ira-n61-set-83_3.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016545_ira-n61-set-83_4.jpg

The Set is numbered as ' 83 ', but could also be the missing one ' 096 '.. It was published/sold by the vladm tv-site , therefore the 'new Logo'..

Addon for Fans of Ira, some Sample-Pics/Vid from her current work as Model :

https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016795_ira-y160-black-body-1-sample1.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016798_ira-y160-black-body-1-sample2.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016799_ira-y160-black-body-1-sample3.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016800_ira-y160-black-body-1-sample4.jpg
https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016802_ira-y160-black-body-1-sample5.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016804_ira-y160-black-body-1-sample6.jpg https://t36.pixhost.to/thumbs/534/129016805_ira-y160-black-body-1-vid-6-feet-under-_sample-nikitap.jpg

IMHO she's still a stunning Model..  wink

Pics/Vid in a File :

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Re: y160 Ira

Permy: that set is not #83, at least according to the index. I have only sets up to #88 + 3 customs, so if it is #96, where are the other sets?

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Re: y160 Ira

hdnd wrote:

Permy: that set is not #83, at least according to the index. I have only sets up to #88 + 3 customs, so if it is #96, where are the other sets?

The Vladmodel-Indexes floating around in the net up to 2014 (source from usenet)
are oudated for some Models because some 'newer' sets were purchased from the vladm tv-site
first in 2016..  The old y160-Index is definitly outdated..

The sets from 88 to 99 were already posted by pete371 here in the thread above, except for #96..
This one/number is missing in usenet and other places/forums too..


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Re: y160 Ira

Ah, yes. I did overlook that. Haven't seen my Vlad collection in some time so I only quickly scanned my y160 folder lol

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Re: y160 Ira

Replacement. OP was redsonya

y160_013 (cstm 2007-11-08) - 130pcs

https://t47.pixhost.to/thumbs/74/169252516_dscf0017.jpg https://t47.pixhost.to/thumbs/74/169252553_dscf0067.jpg https://t47.pixhost.to/thumbs/74/169252579_dscf0117.jpg


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Re: y160 Ira

Replacement: pete371

Set-088 (82 pics)

https://t47.pixhost.to/thumbs/313/171290573_dscf0013.jpg https://t47.pixhost.to/thumbs/313/171290577_dscf0023.jpg https://t47.pixhost.to/thumbs/313/171290581_dscf0055.jpg https://t47.pixhost.to/thumbs/313/171290584_dscf0082.jpg

Pass: iloveprettyfeet

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