Topic: [JB] All-American-girl models?

Has anyone heard of that site? I only have a few misc images and I can't find more.


I think I got them from that other chan a long time ago.

External link
pass: 4onlyhot


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Thanks for posting what you had Pepino.
These girls are pretty hot!


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I agree, most of them are pretty wow.  Some I even recognize from other sites.  Are these images the 'safe' versions or is it a safe site?


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I know this girl is called BamBam. I had a couple of sets of hers a while ago before my external hard drive went bang. She never did nude/topless.

I remember that there were a few girls on the site which wasn't like any other site. You couldn't join and download all that was there and all that you could do is buy individual sets. Even then you had to contact the photographer by email.

I've tried looking for BamBam again but as it is a very common alias - not to mention the revival of the Flintstones, it has been a fruitless search so far.

If anyone does find any sets of hers I'm sure many of us on here would love to see more of her!


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Thanks harts2011, that explains why her sets ar so hard to find.