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Topic: Staci Model


She's STACI..
She's present this day in FSM but she's not a regular model...
She haved a single site in 2003.
In first little single pic and a short video for you.

https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/9e/82/e5/ME131YOC_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/1b/0d/9f/ME131YOD_t.JPG https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/a2/73/08/ME131YOE_t.JPG https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/a7/15/4c/ME131YOF_t.jpg

But, i don't have a complet site, i am 14 sets.
If you have more.
Complete this.


Re: Staci Model

3sets 2,8,9 :

https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/ed/9a/ff/ME131YOK_t.jpeg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/be/86/b1/ME131YOL_t.jpg https://cdn-thumbs.imagevenue.com/13/21/23/ME131YOM_t.jpeg

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