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Any chance of ever getting any sets uploaded of her? I can't find anything..


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Posting a little more I have..any chance of someone uploading sets of this girl?


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hate to add to every request thread on her but yes please..
niki is hard to find and really beautiful.

anyone of the big hitters out there ?

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Since I don't know squat about her, and thought she was part of webe, and if the sample pic i posted is the correct niki then I got five sets I guess. Somebody let me know for sure that she is not webe because I got the m170 number for her and I thought that was only webe that used those style of numbers.


Ok forget my lack of thinking It just dawned on me what cns stood for and duhhhh me. I will get the five sets posted shortly. Its been a long day and I'm out of it at the moment.

Do not ask for re-ups in the topic. Ask in the proper topic!!!!


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Thanks Doc