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That is all I have.  We are still missing sets 09, 11, 70 and 71.  Almost surely, many of the sets that have been posted are still incomplete.  More fills are definitely welcome.

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Re: Sissy - Webe

Thank you.
I removed my posts and edited the first post with a new csv.

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I don't know how useful this is, but here is the SandlTeens variant of missing set 70, split up in two sets :

SDLT - Sissy Set 045 (sis045)
50 img - 36.27 MB

https://t15.pixhost.to/thumbs/146/58297728_index.jpg https://t15.pixhost.to/thumbs/146/58297729_127.jpg https://t15.pixhost.to/thumbs/146/58297730_144.jpg

SDLT - Sissy Set 046 (sis046)
50 img - 38.45 MB

https://t15.pixhost.to/thumbs/146/58297742_index.jpg https://t15.pixhost.to/thumbs/146/58297746_124.jpg https://t15.pixhost.to/thumbs/146/58297751_147.jpg


External link

pass : kittycatforonlyhot

Thanks to all Photographers, the OP's, Mother Nature and Father Time !

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