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I'm looking for image sets of Vika from show stars. I've seen a preview of some sets once, but the links did not work anymore, really hard to find.
I currently have none, please post any you have. Thanks in advance!


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Re: Showstars - Vika

I think you can find her in this topic here... I you find the links to be dead, you can ask for a re-up in the appropriate Link Replacement Requests topic.

Thanks to all Photographers, the OP's, Mother Nature and Father Time !


Re: Showstars - Vika

Oh thank you very much, and that was really quick!

Sorry for not having noticed the existing topic, all Vladmodels Vika threads i found before were a wrong Vika, so at one point i started ignoring Vladmodels Vika results... i just did not know about the m064 Vika, which is the one i've been looking for.